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Chủ đề: [Learning English through Worship Songs] - If I Touch Him

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    [Learning English through Worship Songs] - If I Touch Him

    If I Touch Him

    by Danielle Rose

    I was hiding in the crowd, hoping no one saw my face.
    I wanted to be close to him; I knew that he alone could save.
    So I went right up behind him, unworthy of his gaze,
    Untouchable me seeking merciful grace.
    I have spent my whole life desperate, searching for a cure.
    For twelve years I've been cast out, ashamed, and oh so poor.

    If I touch him He will heal my heart that bleeds.
    If I touch him He will give me all I need.
    If I stretch my hand to touch His garment's hem,
    I believe that I will be made whole again.

    "Who has touched me?" Jesus said, then He looked around to see.
    "For I know that power has gone to the one who has believed."
    While everyone denied that they had taken grace from Him,
    I knew I must confess that He had changed me from within.
    In the presence of the people, I came forward to be known.
    Trembling, I fell on my knees before the living throne.

    When I touched you, Lord, you healed my heart that bled.
    When I touched you, Lord, you gave me peace instead.
    When I stretched my hand to touch your garment's hem,
    Then your love, oh Lord, it made me whole again.

    When I told him the whole truth, then he spoke these words to me:
    "Daughter, your faith has saved you. Now go and live in peace."
    Then the child within my soul that I had thought died long ago
    Was raised again to life and I felt joy within my bones.
    Then I ran to tell the blind, the lame, the brokenhearted and ashamed,
    The rich, the poor, the young, the old, the truth that must be told.

    If you touch him, He will heal your heart that bleeds
    If you touch him, He will give you all you need
    If you stretch your hands to touch the Bread of Heaven,
    Do you believe that He will make you whole again?

    Lyric adapted from https://www.daniellerose.com/www.dani...l?type=ithirst

    Crowd - đám đông
    Untouchable - không thể động đến
    Cure- chữa bênh, điều tr
    Ashamed- xấu h
    Garment- áo ngoài

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